In this age of DIYers, you may like to consider selling your home by yourself to save money.  However, the process of selling a home can be one of the most stressful things to do in your life.  Why would you want to do it yourself?  The idea of saving money and cutting out the middle man is very tempting.  It certainly seems easy enough to clean the house and put a For Sale sign in the yard, but the results can leave much more to be desired.  There is a lot of hard work, planning and research involved before your home is ready to hit the market and a lot of skill and experience needed after it hits the market.

Here’s a real life example why I say this: founder hires a Realtor.

And here’s a first-hand testimonial:

Excellent performance by Mars Hill Realty throughout the selling process that continually exceeded our expectations. Their efforts in generating “buzz” through their contacts and inside knowledge resulted in us receiving our full asking price after only six days on the market. This was after our first offer at 48 hours, an average of two to four showings per day, and succeeded by a back-up offer for even more than our asking price. Their sound advice at each critical juncture resulted in our house selling for the highest amount per square foot since 2006, and the second highest amount in the past sixteen years of MLS records for our neighborhood. If you are considering selling it yourself like we were – don’t. We made more money selling with them, even after their commission, than we would have on our own.

– Stefan and Elizabeth McFarland

Edwin’s unique home selling process has been perfected and proven over the years with over 15 years experience, 250 transactions, and $100’s of millions in sales, plus a lot of happy clients like the McFarlands.  When I sell a home, I focus on several important phases that will determine a successful transaction for you:

1. Preparation of the Home

  • Understanding your goals and timelines – selling to move up or down size, moving out of state, job transfer, getting married, getting divorced, etc. will play a major role in your decisions
  • Market analysis – interpreting data and trends accurately
  • Home staging – de-cluttering, cleaning, making minor repairs, paint touch-up, curb appeal, pre-inspection, etc. will have a direct effect on your home’s value
  • Price determination – there is a sweet spot

2. Marketing of the Home

  • Setting your home apart – highlighting unique features
  • Identifying the ideal buyer – targeted marketing
  • Photography – anyone who offers to market your property with a point and shoot camera should be fired immediately and anyone who does not hire a professional, see above re: DIY
  • Video – attracts out-of-town buyers
  • Creative copy – appeals to the emotion of buyers

3. Negotiating an Offer or Multiple Offers

  • Contract knowledge – understanding all the negotiable terms of the contract, not just price
  • Mining for information – gaining leverage for negotiation
  • Creating win-win scenarios – making the pie bigger so everyone is happy

4. Escrow

  • Track deadlines – it’s not over until it’s over so we want to make sure everything is done on time
  • Weekly update on buyer’s loan – avoiding any surprises with financial issues
  • Continued marketing for back-up contracts – just in case

5. Closing Table

  • Review settlement statements – even lenders and title companies make mistakes sometimes
  • Verify contract terms – so neither party is at risk of default

If you are looking to hire a skilled Realtor that will sell your home for more money in less time and with less headache, contact me today and schedule a listing appointment.

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