Worst 5 things for a small business owner

I don’t have all 5 yet…but I do know one that will top the list:  see Hard Drive Crash!
Yes, I’ve been dealing with that for the past week or so and I feel 3 months behind.  Literally, 3 months, since that’s the last time I backed up.  Usually I back up EVERY HOUR, but since I had been moving into my new home/home office, I turned that system off.  I was planning on backing up this week when suddenly it happened…

binary options no deposit bonus december 2018 So, I’m making lemonade out of lemons: I just purchased a Macbook Pro and am spending all day restoring my 3 month old backup.  Having a new computer kind of lightens the “ouch-effect”  What’s up with hard drives these days?  You would think they would be more reliable.  That was my second hard drive in 12 months!

source site source site Here’s the rest of my top 5 worst events for a small business owner (off the top of my head):

source site 5.  Hard drive crash – (Technology failure)

http://webconsultingsmp.it/?rjuks=strategie-opzioni-binarie-2-minuti&9aa=8b 4.  Getting a bad review from a client

http://dafradio.net/?hiderwer=come-giocare-in-borsa-cone-opzioni-binarie&e0e=eb 3.  Working with a client for weeks and never getting a sale

2.  Getting through a slow business cycle

1.  Not being able to recover from the first four events and having to work at McDonalds.

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