WordPress Upgrade – Who ya gonna call?

I started this Georgetown Texas Real estate blog one year ago and performed my first “upgrade” today!  Actually, it was more out of necessity than anything, I went to my blog this past weekend and noticed all of my posts were appearing in reverse chronological order!  So, an upgrade did the trick.

I tried upgrading it myself and that was a biiiig mistake!  I thought I killed my blog…fortunately I did a backup beforehand.  After poking around in some forums, I was referred to a guy named James Burton who would help.  I emailed him and all he requested was a donation to his wordpress support website.

After about an hour, I was up and running.  If you want to avoid spending hours doing something that you’re not good at and focus on your blogging, make sure you give James Burton a visit. And while he’s fixing or upgrading or getting you started…give his blog a read, it’s very heartwarming and genuine.

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