White Elephant – my favorite hobby

source My church RLG (Real Life Group) just had our annual White Elephant Gift Party and I was able to get rid of give away a beautiful food gift basket…filled with a wild assortment of things from my pantry that we never would eat.  The “lucky” recipient will have food for weeks:)

http://www.visionarywebsite.com/?kiolsa=opzioni-binarie-anna&122=7a For those of you who don’t get out much – A White Elephant gift exchange is wrapping up stuff around the home and exchanging it with other people.  One man’s junk is another man’s treasure!  Here are some of the pictures of the gifts.  We also had a book exchange for the kids.

http://creatingsparks.com/?endonezit=binary-option-strategies-forum Notice the look of gratitude on each recipient’s face (click to see complete picture):

follow If you’re interested in looking into a RLG for yourself, check out my church’s website:  Hill Country Bible Church.  We have groups for all ages and throughout the week studying topics on finances, marriage, raising kids, etc. and you can also sharpen up those white elephant skills.

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