What’s so different about Christianity?

A few weeks ago, I was shopping for a minivan and had a choice between, a Honda Odyssey, Toyota Sienna and Nissan Quest. They all seemed so similar…and were rated top-notch when it came to safety. It seems as though they all had the same power door features, DVD and leather that we were looking for and the prices weren’t too much different either. I eventually settled on the van that I could get the best deal on…my 2005 Toyota Sienna XLE…tan, not gold.

After reading through my manual I found out that Toyota “recommends” premium fuel, but you can put a minimum of a 97 octane fuel (regular) in the van. I was about to fuel up at HEB for the first time when it came time to make a decision. Do I want to put premium fuel in this van? Do I want to be cheap and go regular? Will it make THAT much of a difference? I had to decide quick because it was hot outside, the engine was off…and I had the kids with me! I pulled down the windows and punched the button in the middle that read “99” for the mid-range fuel. That seemed like a fair compromise. I mean, what difference would it really make?

choices It seems like everyday we are faced with choices. Mine usually revolve around the orange traffic light. Do I gun it? Or do I apply the brakes? (gun it!) Are there really “right” choices and “best” choices out there? How do we know we’re making the best decisions in our life?

Is the same true of religion? Do all the differences in religion really matter as long as the people who follow them are doing “good?” If they are so similar, does it matter which one we follow?

If you’re interested in exploring these questions in an accepting, intellectually-honest and challenging environment, I want to invite you to meet an awesome group of young adults that meets every other week in Georgetown Village. We focus on caring for each other and exploring the truths that affect us in every day real life. That’s why we call it a Real Life Group.

We’ll meet at 7PM on Tuesday the 18th and every other Tuesday after that. Childcare is provided. Feel free to call me at 512-554-9594 for directions. Hope you’ll come and learn with us!



  1. are you sure midgrade is 99? in socal low, med, premium is 87, 89, 91. also it doesn’t matter if your manual says premium and you fill with regular. bmw says premium for performance but some people put regular. also low, med, and premium is different #s depending on location. I use premium though.

  2. Oops, you’re right nuwde, I meant 89. I filled it with premium on the way back from Dallas yesterday and tried to compute the miles per gallon….it didn’t seem good enough to pay the extra dough. I think I’m sticking with 87 regular on the van and 91 premium for the bimmer.

    It rides smoooth though. I never thought I would love another car besides a BMW, Toyota is changing that for me.

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