What sells better in Georgetown – 3 or 4 bedrooms?

I got an email from a past client the other day and she was wanting some advice on a small remodeling project:

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http://mhs.se.loopiadns.com/produkt/motorhistoriskt-magasin-2013-03/ Hey Edward – I’ve been thinking I might like to make two of our bedrooms into one large one. The bedrooms are very small here.  Do you think that would be a mistake if we ever decided to sell? It would make our house a three bedroom instead of a four. – W.T.

I’m sure many of us have considered a renovation project at some point during home ownership.  Having HGTV or being inspired by Extreme Makeover:  Home Edition has certainly given renovation projects a new twist!  Fortunately for W.T., knocking down a wall to combine two bedrooms is an easier project than most.  The only question is, “What will it do to the value of her home?”

Well, let’s look at a comparison of ALL 3 bedroom homes with 4 bedroom homes in the city of Georgetown, Texas that sold in the past 12 months:

watch 3 Bedrooms: 453 Sold, 37 currently Pending, 219 For Sale – 5.8 months of inventory

source link 4 Bedrooms: 300 Sold, 20 currently Pending, 244 For Sale – 9 months of inventory

According to the numbers, more 3 bedroom homes have sold and there is less competition.  But what about if we narrow the search down to the home’s price range?

köp Tadalafil faktura 3 Bedrooms: 129 Sold, 8 currently Pending, 56 For Sale – 5.2 months of inventory

source url 4 Bedrooms: 68 Sold, 2 currently Pending, 38 For Sale – 6.8 months of inventory

Although the inventory for a 4 bedroom home shrinks from 9 months to almost 7 months, it’s still 1.6 months more inventory than a 3 bedroom home.  It’s nice to know that the numbers are on your side, at least in the current market.  However, if you’re going to be staying in that home for a long time then I would go ahead with the renovation broken mit 60 selunden option anbieter even if the numbers were not on your side. Why?  Well, it’s not like you’re doing something that will turn off a significant portion of the market like converting your garage to another bedroom and having no garage…you’ll also improve your quality of life and get lots of use out of a bigger room. You might even sell your home to a buyer who feels most rooms in a 4 bedroom home are too small anyway!

Safe ways to make money online casino Quick caveat: In this particular neighborhood, most of the homes that sold in the past 12 months were 4 bedrooms homes.  In fact, only 3 of the 23 homes were 3 bedrooms, and the quickest home to sell took 94 days.  There’s only one 3 bedroom home (out of 5 homes) currently for sale and I’m the listing agent on it so maybe I’ll break a record:)  0e297606e3d4e8c4a93acb566f0fee5f The big downside of removing the 4th bedroom is restricting your audience to just the 3 bedroom market.  The home with 4 bedrooms is able to compete in both markets.

What about you? I’d love to hear from readers about your success or nightmare renovation project! If you think going to a 3 bedroom home is a mistake, tell us why!  Would it be better to split the 4th bedroom and make it a 5 bedroom home?:)

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