What Amenities are Near Cimarron Hills?

When you buy a home, you also buy into the community that surrounds that home. So if you’re thinking of buying a home in Cimarron Hills of Georgetown, TX, it’s only natural to ask, “What kind of amenities are nearby?”

Here’s the short answer: There are a LOT more amenities near Cimarron Hills than, say, two years ago. The area of Georgetown just south of Cimarron Hills has seen an “explosion” in growth (relatively speaking) in recent months. Five minutes down the road from the secluded Cimarron Hills community, you’ll now find a modern movie theater, an outlet mall, an IKEA store, new health care facilities, and some restaurants that are planned for construction soon.

Best of all, this growth takes nothing away from the beauty and serenity of Cimarron Hills, which is tucked quietly away among the live oaks, mountain laurels, and gently rolling waters of the San Gabriel River!

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