Vacation to Bern, North Carolina

During the week of my birthday (August 19th), we flew down to Bern, North Carolina for the Annual Lui Family Reunion and stayed at a timeshare that my parents own. We got to see Edwin’s girlfriend, Candice, for the first time as well as our Grandmas from NY. Way to break her into the family bro, if she survived this, she’ll do well.
family vacation Birthday grandmas

We stayed in two separate suites with river views and got a chance to catch up on movies. It’s a tradition: My younger brother, Edwin, brings his xbox filled with movies and TV shows. Now I’m hooked on “The Office.” It was fun playing with all of the kids: Joshua and Chloe (mine) and Jonah and Josi (my sisters).

kids with ducks BBQ with mom and dad jennie and autumn
As usual, we had a meat-fest, since my mom likes to stock up on Costco and always, I mean always, over provides with food. It was like Man VS Food and we lost miserably every time. As leftovers piled up, we kept hoping the Grandmas would finish them off, but even with all their years of experience and my father’s expertly crafted dentures, they were soundly whipped.

Highlights of the trip: Aquarium was neat; spending time with family and letting my partner handle my real estate business.

Downside of trip: Tryon Palace Guided Tour- looking at other people’s homes is something I definitely wanted a vacation from; at least we got some cool pics from the garden and mom took some figs home

chloe and turtles figs aquarium
It was good to get away from Georgetown, Texas. Since we are having the baby in December, our next trip will hopefully be in the Lone Star State…and if not, we’re taking the minivan.

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