US Census Bureau confirms it: People love this place!

Austin Metro area among the top 10 for numerical and percentage growth nationwide

I love reading news like this.  The US Census Bureau produced findings that ranked the Austin-Round Rock Metro area as #8 in the nation for most population growth.  Naturally that growth spills over into my beloved city of Georgetown, Texas!

numerical growth

What makes this more significant is that as a percentage of current population, this area is actually #5 in the nation with an average growth of 4.3%!  The growth is pretty evident to all who live here as new roads, new developments and new shops and stores pop up constantly.  It’s definitely optimistic for the housing industry as this influx of people transplant and look for a new place to lay their head.

percent growth

If you’re one of these “new Texans,” I’d be happy to put my lifetime of relocation experience to work for you!  Whether your search is broad, and you’re just looking for homes in Austin, or specific, and you want to investigate individual custom home communities in Georgetown, Texas, check out my website for great information on real estate in Georgetown, Texas!


  1. ooooh, look who’s rounding out the top 10: clarskville, tn, baby!! :)

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