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Ok, so it’s been awhile since I’ve blogged. Even though the real estate market is suppossed to be slow, I’ve been pretty busy actually…and forgot about my first love: Blogging.

So here is the follow-up to my previous post on this listing in Wood Ranch. 1. First, the neighborhood:

Wood Ranch is located close to Interstate 35, so it has the convenience factor nailed. In just a few minutes you can be off and on your way in 30 minutes North or South to Ft. Hood/Killeen/Temple or Round Rock/Austin for work. See my most recent post about how easy the commute is to Temple, Killeen and Ft. Hood from Georgetown. You can also hop onto Hwy 29 and go west and hit Cedar Park/Leander within minutes.

Shopping is very convenient. For groceries, you just go North on DB Wood to the nearest HEB or you can take Hwy 29E and take Wolf Ranch Parkway North to go to Wal Mart. Wolf Ranch Shopping Center is located at the SW corner of Hwy 29 and I35. Tastylia Spain Bottom Line: Getting your shopping done is a breeze from this location!

All of the homes in Wood Ranch are custom-built which leads us to the second point. 2. The builder:

Choosing a builder in Georgetown, Texas is not the easiest thing to do. Some builders have great reputations, and then the next day you hear they’re bankrupt. Other builders may have no reputation at all, unless you’ve lived in Georgetown for the past 20 years and grew up with them. The builder of this home is Ed Wohlrab. Ed has been established in Georgetown for over 10 years and was one of the original builders for one of Georgetown’s most respected custom home communities, River Chase. Ed is known for building homes around unique and challenging environments. You can get a good idea of this on his most current homes he is building by driving around in The Falls of San Gabriel. Ed Wohlrab must have had fun with this home. He built if far off the road to give it tons of privacy and most of what you see from the front porch is just rows of trees. He positioned the home just perfect so you also have a generous backyard. Privacy in the front, privacy in the back. Perfectly achieved! 3. The home:

The home is built so that the bedrooms and living areas are larger then what you see in most homes. He kept the floorplan simple and uncluttered with lots of hallways and nooks and crannies. Just large bedrooms and living spaces that flow into each other very intuitively. Pictures speak louder than words, so this is the part of the post where I can show off my camera skills: Front of Home and View from Front Porch Back of Home and View from Back Porch

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You can read more details on Wood Ranch and search all the homes available in this custom home neighborhood at this link: Custom Homes in Georgetown Texas Want the latest updates on Georgetown Texas Real Estate, news and latest developments?

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Don’t forget about Temple, Killeen and Ft. Hood Texas!

You hear a lot about how Georgetown, Texas is such a great place to live for people who work in Austin. But what about 30 minutes in the other direction North? Well, that would land you right in Temple and the entire Killeen/Ft. Hood area. Don’t be scared off by the picture on the left…that would be more like your commute to Austin, then Temple. You see, if you’re heading north, there rarely is any traffic! Heading south into Austin, well, that’s another story.

I have recently had an influx of clients who are working in Temple/Ft. Hood/Killeen and one thing that is important to all of them is the drive time. So here’s a little research I put together thanks to the power of Google maps.

These calculations were done to the entrance of the neighborhood to the Hwy 195 exit 268. You’ll want to add another minute or two to get to the actual home. These are all close to 10 minutes or less:

Shady Oaks = 4.1 Miles                          (6 Minutes)
Berry Creek/Logan Plateau = 4.5 Miles   (8 Minutes)
Falls of San Gabriel = 5.8 Miles              (9 Minutes)
Georgetown Village = 5.4 Miles              (9 Minutes)
Historic Georgetown Square = 5.4 Miles (9 Minutes)
River Chase = 6.7 Miles                           (9 Minutes)
Wood Ranch = 7.5 Miles                          (11 Minutes)

follow url These are all 15-20 minutes:

Fountainwood Estates = 8.4 Miles              (14 Minutes)
Cimarron Hills = 11.9 Miles                        (15 Minutes)
Woodland Park = 9.1 Miles                          (15 Minutes)
Teravista = 12.2 Miles                                 (15 Minutes)
Mayfield Ranch = 13.7 Miles                       (15 Minutes)
Gabriels Overlook = 12.6 Miles                   (16 Minutes)
Behrens Ranch/Walsh Ranch 14.1 Miles      (16 Minutes)
Escalera Ranch = 12 Miles                           (17 Minutes)

robot opzioni digitali affidabili From the Hwy 195 exit 268 to Temple exit 301 is 33.8 miles or 30 minutes. So you can get to Temple from any of these neighborhoods in 36 – 47 minutes one way. If you drive faster you can probably deduct another minute or two. Driving like a Grandma? Well, add another 5 minutes. Anyways, you get the point.

I’d be interested in some actual results! Do you live in one of these neighborhoods and work in Temple? How accurate are these times? Post your results!

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