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click Look what we have sitting in our garage:

go That is our 2010 Toyota Prius.  Used, but new to us. We just picked it up yesterday and are pretty happy with the car….the dealership? Well, that remains to be seen. You see, when my wife got home she realized they only gave us ONE KEY! I was pretty shocked, since I just dropped $19k on a car and would expect to have at least a key for myself.  Well, needless to say I called the dealership today and our sales guy, Chad, mentioned he would “talk to his manager” and try to work it out for me.

Buy Cytotec in Sioux Falls South Dakota My other beef is their $150 detail job:

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The first picture is our missing cupholder from the center armrest.  It would have been nice for them to have placed one in there for us.

The second picture are crumbs from my kids when they were eating in the back seat during the test drive.  Or in other words, a strategic test to see if it would be cleaned up in the so-called “detail job” that would follow.  I can always count on my kids for crumbs.

The third picture is some nasty brown spots in the passenger side.  Wouldn’t a $150 detail job include shampooing the upholstery?


A bit disappointed, but I’m hoping they can fix this.  My follow up call is tomorrow, let’s see if they do the right thing….

…..(to be continued)
BTW, Here’s the car we replaced after getting “sandwiched” between two cars after being rear-ended. (bimmer, you will be missed):









Jan 29th Update:

Well, after talking with Chris, he was able to get me the extra key and floormats that were promised.  However, this came at the expense of getting a real detailing job that involves *gasp* carpet cleaning!  So, I took the key and decided to have my friend help with the carpets.  Anyway, my experience is still such that I wouldn’t recommend them to anybody who is looking for excellent service.  Good price, yes, but just be careful and deal with Chris and not Chad.


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