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Did you know that Georgetown, Texas was recently rated the second best city to live and launch a business according to CNN Money?

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Although I am thrilled that Georgetown is getting national media recognition, I know firsthand that Georgetown truly is a wonderful and unique city to live in and open up shop.

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Hi, My name is Maria Dorian and I proudly live and own a business in Georgetown, TX. In the past 5 years I went from working part time waiting tables to owning a growing residential cleaning service.

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Five years ago, I was pregnant with my third child as I waited tables in a popular restaurant in Round Rock. Soon after giving birth to a baby boy and while on maternity leave, I started to get a nagging “feeling” that I was not supposed to go back to work at the restaurant. I was not really sure why I felt this way but about two weeks before I was supposed to return to work, my boss at the restaurant called to let me know about my new schedule. I broke down crying and told her that I had every intention of going back to work but I didn’t think I was supposed to be waiting tables any more. Her response to me? “Maria, you’re postpartum, call me next week and we’ll talk.” We both shared a laugh and that was that.

So here I was, needing to work but at a loss as to what to do.

Shortly after, while at church, my then 3 week old son had a dirty diaper in the middle of service. Go figure right?! Who knew this would end up being a blessing in disquise. While in the nursery changing the diaper, I overheard a lady talk about her sister who cleaned houses. Like a ton of bricks, it hit me. There it! My next thought was, “Wow-I’m supposed to be cleaning houses.” Still blows me away to this day as cleaning houses was just so…random! Needless to say that I believe that the incident was God’s way of leading me to start my own business.

Long story short, I did A LOT of research on the industry, got my first client, called myself Marvelous Maria’s Cleaning Service and off I was to clean my first house. I will never forget my thoughts walking into my first home. I was so excited and I remembering saying to myself, “Yeah! I’m here to clean this house!” Quickly followed by, “Oh, cr_p, I’m here to clean this house!” The realization that I’d never actually cleaned a house, besides my own, of course, set in. Boy did I feel the fear of the unknown. But that first cleaning went well and I ended up keeping that client for many years before they moved away. In fact, I still have many of the clients I picked up way back then and they still tease me with, “Oh, there’s Marvelous Maria!” Ha, ha.

Today, I call my company Welcome Home Cleaning Services. We have an office on Williams Drive and currently have ten employees and two managers. To date we have serviced over 6,000 cleans with most of those being right here in our very own Georgetown, Texas!.

I am honored to live and work in Georgetown. And, I’d be just as honored to help you with any cleaning needs you may have!

Maria Dorian


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