Property Tax Protest – Results are in!

Property taxes are pretty high in Georgetown, Texas. Anywhere in Texas for that matter. The last thing you should do is pay more than you need to. In my previous post on property taxes in Williamson County, I revealed the actual value that the Williamson County Appraisal District appraised some homes for:

Boxwood Loop – Appraised for $171,607

Westbury Lane – Appraised for $160,324

Rosebud Lane – Appraised for $214,193

Greenside Lane – Appriased for $182,535

Well, here are the resuts:

Boxwood Loop – Adjusted to $153,600

Westbury Lane – Adjusted to $152,400

Rosebud Lane – Adjusted to $184,000

Greenside Lane – Adjusted to $158,300

That’s a total reduction of $80,359. Assuming a tax rate of 2.4%, I just saved $1928/year in taxes. Now that’s worth fighting for! I believe that service happens before and after every transaction so I provide this tax-fighting service free to my clients every year. Did you get good results fighting your taxes this year? If so, let us know your experience. This blog gets more interesting when you give your feedback!

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