Amazing View and Privacy in a Starter Home – 508 Copper Lane how to make money day trading options Anomaly: a deviation from the common rule 508 Copper Lane fits this description perfectly –  a starter home with an amazing view and great privacy at the price of $80,000.

get link A wolf in sheep's clothing - this starter home boasts an amazing view!

click In fact, this is handeln mit optionen the only home in Sonterra priced under $100,000 with a view that can take your breath away.  Nothing but fields and trees in the rear – no buildings, no neighbors, no distractions.  Just you and your thoughts, or dreams if you’re taking a well-deserved nap.  The back yard has the potential for trees, flowers, herb garden, or badminton net, and it’s complemented nicely with a covered patio. How much is this view worth to you? A lot more than it actually costs.

ddfx forex trading system free download The interior of the home capitalizes on this expansive view with 3 large windows and both bedrooms facing the rear.   The rest of the interior is an open living space with high ceilings and plenty of natural light. Check out the rest of the pictures, video, and documents below for more information.

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