Don’t Mess with Texas? Unfortunately, Ike did.

We had a men’s retreat at church planned for this weekend and I was secretly hoping to go down to SE Texas instead to help with the Hurricane Ike mess. Lo and behold, God answered my prayers!

Apparently, the retreat center is going to use their facilities to house refugees from the hurricane, and so a couple of men are going down to the Houston area to provide some debris clean-up relief as part of a ministry team called Thirst No More.

I’ll be leaving Fri-Sun and Autumn and the kids had already planned on going up to Arlington, TX to visit with her family so it’s perfect timing. I’m assuming outdoor accommodations and a huge shortage of food and water as well. Basically, what I faced in Iraq without the heat…but replace the heat with water and you have Galveston.

If you have anything to donate for this trip it would be much appreciated by those who are going and those who are affected in SE Texas. You can drop off at my home at 125 Village Park Drive if you can donate or lend anything. Here’s a list of suggested items:

Gas containers

Gas containers filled with Gas! (no gas in that area is available)

Camping-type equipment (stovetop, lanterns, tents, mosquito nets,etc)

Light construction-type tools (sledge hammers, shovels, crowbars,etc)

Equipment (generators, pressure washer, chain saws,etc)

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