Choosing a Fence Company in Georgetown, Texas

source Finding the best fencing contractor in Georgetown, Texas

I’m trying to make some adjustments to my backyard fence to create a storage area. Currently the fence is pushed towards the back of my garage and I want to move it forward. Here are two pictures showing both sides of the fence:

Once I push this piece of fence back, I want to replace it with a gate so I can access this small grassy area for some outdoor storage. I’ll probably have to cut-off the sprinkler system on this grassy area and maybe replace the grass with crushed granite.

I decided to get three different quotes for this project:

1. Austex – This was the first company I called since they were the ones who erected the fence in the first place. They will eventually be out here adding two gates as part of my office studio project so I figured they would give it to me for a fairly good price. A week after the guy came out, I’m still waiting for the quote…

xtb opzioni binarie opinioni Update: Well, it’s the end of the day and after being “promised” a call today, still nothing.

2. قائمة الخيارات السماسرة ثنائية تنظم Dave’s Fence – I always see this company off Williams Drive and see their truck driving around so I thought I’d give them a shot. The nice receptionist got the details of my project and told me Dave would call me back. I called them today, let’s hope they don’t take a week, like Austex!

Update: I was told that this was considered a “repair” job and they only do installations (even though their website claims “We build the best and go to link repair the rest”). So I was referred to Viking Fence – Spoke with Phillip and he referred me to Jesus (not to be confused with God). So now I’m waiting for Jesus, who handles the small jobs, to give me a call.

3. Hill Country Fence – These guys were a referral to me from a fencing supply company that I called by mistake. The guy, Todd, said he would be out here today to give me a quote! Now that’s quick service! Let’s see if he follows through.

alternatief binaire opties Update: Todd called back at 5PM and said it’s getting late and he would rather meet me here tomorrow morning. I appreciate that he at least called me, but I’m not too surprised.

Well, I’ll let you know what my prices are and show you pictures of the completed project in a future post. Let the games begin! UPDATE: I ended up using DBC Fence Company, Stephen Brunson was very responsive and price was competitive.  Give him a call on your next project  at 512-966-1422!

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