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follow site I joined yet another social networking site: pratica con opzioni binarie Facebook

iq ootion Heard of it?

binary trading minimum deposit If not, it’s time to dust off the computer and start using your Internet!  I’ve been trying not to get an account for several months because my time is stretched already writing for the Georgetown Texas Real Estate blog, balancing work/church/family life and still making time for myself to just chill.  So I thought I would just get an account, not waste any time on it, wait for people to find me and maybe even sell a house or two.
Boy was I wrong!  As far as selling a home, that hasn’t happened…yet.  But I have to tell you, that Facebook sure is addicting.  I love it when I can find an old high school or college buddy and we can link up as “friends.”  Everytime they write or do something, Facebook notifies me on my account.  It’s a real neat way to stay in touch with friends a little more frequently then the once a year Christmas card.
So check out my Facebook profile and find out what I’m having for lunch, when I’m brushing my teeth and other useless things to know.  Or you can just do it to spy on MY friends.  After all, you can learn a lot by the friends someone has. And oh yeah, if you’re an old buddy, look me up!  Just don’t get me confused with the other 65 “Edward Lui’s” that pop up when you do a search.  Sheesh, so much for feeling special.

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