Cleaning Tips by Maria

As a cleaning service owner, I’m often asked about what products work best to clean various surfaces.  There are many great products that work well and can be purchased right off of the shelves at the local grocery store.

For now, I would like to discuss a few products that can be used for watch dusting and go here bathrooms. Next time I will discuss some great products to use to get your floors and kitchens sparkling clean. buy Seroquel cheap online What products are good for dusting?

Swiffer Dusters, especially the extendable types as they do a great job of picking up and holding dust. Lambswool type dusters also work well.

When dusting, always start from the top of your room and work your way down. The last thing you want to do is to beautifully dust your room just to get it all dirty again when you clean your ceiling fan! So, make sure to dust your cobwebs and ceiling fans first and then dust the rest.

Follow up dusting by polishing your wood furniture with a product such as Pledge, Howard’s Orange Oil, or your favorite Lemon Oil to give surfaces a nice finish and to ensure the dust stays off as long as possible. The product you ultimately choose to polish your furniture will depend on your furniture’s surface and how you would like the final appearance to be. Oil based products such as Howard’s will leave your surface shiny but be aware that some products such as Murphy’s Oil Soap may leave a buildup over time.

The absolute best way to keep dust at a minimum is to frequently change your filters on you’re A.C. vents. What products should I use to get my bathrooms looking good?

When deciding what product to use to clean bathrooms, first determine what needs to be cleaned: General dust/dirt, soap scum and or hard water. General Dust and Dirt: Buy Tastylia (Tadalafil) Online No Prescription Any all purpose cleaner will work with warm water and soap. Our favorite soap is Ivory as it leaves surfaces super shiny.

enter site Hard water: Hard water is heavier than soap scum so if you have both, you may need to remove hard water layers in order to get to the soap scum layer underneath. Products such as Ajax, Barkeeper’s Friend and Lemi Shine work great on hard water build up.

chi fa trading con opzioni binarie a verona Tip: Lemi Shine can be purchased in the dishwasher isle and although it is intended for dishwashers, it is probably the best product out there for removing tough hard water build up. Lemi Shine is an all natural product, in a salt form, and it will not discolor your faucets. Soap scum: To remove soap scum, try Easy Off Bam, Comet, and Scrubbing Bubbles. The best way to tackle soap scum is to spray your product and let it sit for about 10-15 minutes before wiping it off. Let the cleaner do as much of the work so you don’t have to!

To get a really nice finish, after you scrub your surface, rewipe it with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Give it one final rinse and presto! Soap scum will be history. What products should I use to get my mirrors looking great?

To get mirrors looking great, we like to use Essentials from Arm and Hammer. The best way we’ve found to clean mirrors is to wash them using soap and warm water then follow with your favorite glass cleaner. What works for toilets?

For toilets, we like to use The Works as it is an acid and cuts right through heavy hard water. If you are looking for an all natural alternative, Lemi Shine also works great.

With any product you choose, please test first in order to avoid damage to your surfaces!

And of course, if you find that you do not want to do the cleaning yourself or simply can’t, please give Welcome Home Cleaning Services a call! We serve the following areas:  Georgetown, Texas; Round Rock, Pflugerville, Hutto, Taylor, and parts of North Austin.

Editor’s Note: The next time you have a Georgetown, Texas home for sale and you need it cleaned, give Maria a call!

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