Asbestos: You can pronounce it, but do you understand it?

go site With so many remodels that happen, especially in Historic Georgetown, Texas, I thought this article from the Mesothelioma Cancer Center was very applicable to my blog readers. go to link image002Asbestos Remains a Concern for Texas Homeowners – Prevention & Tips

go to link A naturally-occurring mineral, asbestos was used in the 20th century in many applications such as insulation, piping, brake lining and flooring. Asbestos made its name because of its resistance to fire and heat properties. With a large petroleum industry based in the state, many problems have occurred as a result of oil companies using asbestos at their facilities.

source url Giants such as Mobil, Shell and Gulf have been stationed in Texas. This industry has been one of the hardest hit in terms of asbestos problems, with millions exposed in the last century. As homes and buildings built before 1980 may contain asbestos, those looking for homes for sale in Georgetown, Texas and those seeking to remodel homes should be aware that asbestos exposure may potentially cause many health concerns. Although asbestos in the home is a concern, not all asbestos poses problems. It is only when asbestos becomes damaged and its fibers become airborne, where exposure can be health deteriorating. A fatal lung-ailment known as malignant mesothelioma is caused by asbestos exposure and accounts for three percent of cancer diagnoses in the United States alone.

il trading online funziona The abundance of asbestos incidents in the last 100 years has lead to mesothelioma lawyer firms protecting and advocating victims’ rights. The asbestos scandal is one of the notable corporation and government cover-ups because information of asbestos harmful qualities was repressed from work places and civilian knowledge.

get link When involved in real estate, it is especially important to embark on the proper inspections to insure the safety of your clients, building workers and your reputation. A good course of action is to identify materials which could harvest asbestos, mark the condition and establish a plan that addresses any negative condition in the building.

Citizen based organizations such as the Texas Department of Health Services help promote and protect the physical and environmental health of all citizens in Texas from asbestos. Striving to prevent exposure, they educate the public to gain understanding and compliance of state and federal laws. The type of contractor performing the inspection will determine the type of removal needed.
In addition, most people are unaware to the fact that eco-friendly products can cut energy costs. Cellulose, cotton Fiber and lcynene are all green options to be considered. Cotton fiber is made from recycled batted material and treated to be fireproof. The United Nations Environmental Program states that usage of recycled materials such as green insulation methods and lighting can reduce energy use by 25 percent!

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