Sun City Texas – Quick Facts About Homes

Continuing our blog series about Sun City Texas (in Georgetown, Texas), I thought I’d give an update about the homes in the Sun City community. Much of this information is borrowed from the Sun City Georgetown website, which is kept fairly current as the community grows.

  • Community start date – Sun City Texas, as it’s known, was opened in the summer of 1995. The community has grown steadily since then.
  • Number of homes – As of last month, Sun City reports that 4,853 homes have been built. They are projecting 7,500 total, which means they will still be building for some time.
  • Sizes and prices – Homes in Sun City of Georgetown, Texas range in size from approximately 1,411 to 2,764 square feet. Prices range from 170k to 311k, but these prices are obviously subject to change.

Questions or comments? If you’d like to learn more about the community of Sun City located in Georgetown, or if you’d like to see the community firsthand, please contact me at your convenience.

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