Sponsoring Lunch at Champions School of Real Estate

Guess who’s the next lunch sponsor at Champions School of Real Estate?

Well, tomorrow’s the big day!  I’m sponsoring lunch for the students of the Principles of Real Estate II class on Monday.  This is the first time I’ve tried something like this, and I still don’t know what I’m going to do with the 20 minutes of time I have alloted!

Why am I doing this?

a.  I have so much money that I like to buy free lunches for rookie agents

b.  I am practicing my speech-giving skills

c.  I’m starting a revolution and I need a few volunteers

(Hint:  The answer is C)

Slow down there tiger, I don’t mean that type of revolution.  I mean a REAL ESTATE REVOLUTION!

At Mars Hill Realty Group, I’m offering real estate agents a revolution from the traditional real estate norms that plague our industry.


A revolution from the public distrust of real estate agents.

A revolution from the myriad of confusing marketing options available.

A revolution from ineffective negotiation expertise.

A revolution from poor pricing and predictive analysis skills.


Want to learn more?  Visit our brokerage website at www.MarsHillRealty.com or read our latest blog article on what makes us different from other traditional Austin real estate companies.

– Your Favorite HOMEboy,




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