The diet of a 2 year old – Chloe is at it again.

go site Warning: Do not read if you are eating something… Okay, it’s almost bedtime at my house and I just finished feeding Sabrina, when all of a sudden Joshua comes running up to me and says: “Mommy, Chloe is eating my boogers”. My first thought is how on earth did she get Joshua’s boogers. So, I asked my son: “Joshua, how did Chloe get your booger?”

iq option broker sicuro Joshua replies: “I gave it to her” (ok, that was a duh question…as I realized after asking it..of course he gave it to her)

go here I look over as Chloe comes running out after Joshua with something resembling a booger on her index finger. As my eyes focused on her index finger to see that it really was a booger, I quickly said: “Chloe don’t eat it!!!”

follow link Before the words even left my mouth, my very disobedient 2nd child stuffs the finger in her mouth and swallows. I am thoroughly disgusted and am searching in my mind for the correct way to handle this. How would you handle something like this??

I looked at Joshua and said sternly to him: “do not give your sister anymore boogers, that’s disgusting!”

To which he replied, “but she likes to eat them”


How do you teach your child that just because someone likes something, doesn’t mean it’s good for them? After several unsuccessful attempts at telling Joshua not to do that anymore, I’m beside myself now and revert to the good ‘ole trusty disciplinary tool of spanking threats. Joshua agreed not to give any more boogers to his sister and we talked about where boogers belong after they leave our noses (in a tissue, in case you didn’t know the answer).

That was probably not the best way of handling such a situation, but I really wasn’t prepared for it. Any recommendations on how to more appropriately handle that situation? I’m all ears.

Then Edward came home from his meeting and we had a good laugh. This is definitely a “tell-it-on-your-child’s-wedding-day” story. Hope you got a good laugh too. Life is never boring at the Lui household…that’s for sure. Editor’s Note: Chloe may look like a cute little girl, but now you know what she is really capable of.  The same goes for house-hunting.  Don’t be fooled by how a house “looks” or how much of a “discount” a seller may give you.  Understand the true condition of the home you buy and investigate the values of homes that have sold in that neighborhood.  Need help getting there?  Call the cute little girl’s daddy.


  1. Oh, my gosh, Autumn … I think our daughters were somehow separated at birth. 😀

    Just TODAY, Mikaela did the same thing (although the booger was her own) – to which Gabriel said, “Mikaela! That a-sgusting (disgusting). Just wipe it on the carseat.”

    SIGH. :)

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