Georgetown, Texas goes Greek

see url Finally. A restaurant I can brag about. That only takes me 10 minutes to drive to. That I can bring my kids to. That doesn’t break the bank. What more can a father want?

go site On Friday, Autumn, myself and our good friends, David and Melissa, went on a double date to check this place out. PLAKA GREEK CAFE is the newest restaurant in Georgetown, Texas so we just had to find out how good the food really was. The first thing you’ll notice as you pull in to the restaurant is that there is plenty of parking. If every table in that restaurant was full, I bet that parking lot would still have space. That’s not something you see everyday!

binäre optionen strategien pdf David, Melissa and Autumn ordered the Gyro Wrap Combo, which is sliced lamb and beef in a pita with some veggies and tzatiki sauce. It came with a choice of soup or feta salad and we all chose the salad. I wanted to try something different since I could mooch off of Autumn’s gyro, so I got the Mousaka. The menu describes the mousaka plate as super junior dating scandal Layers of eggplant, potato, and ground beef, topped with a béchamel sauce. Served with Avgolemono soup, spanakopita, and tiropita and topped with tzatiki sauce.” Uh, ok. Sounds Greek to me. (pun intended). I substituted the soup for a feta salad and they were cool with that.

go Everything tasted very fresh…they were a little skimpy on the tzatiki sauce, but when I asked for a little extra they gave me about half a bowl full. Nice. The only downside is that they had to microwave my mousaka prior to serving it to me since all the food is prepared beforehand and is laid out cafeteria-style. Think Luby’s. What I like about Luby’s though is that they use heat lamps and broilers and all that fancy stuff to keep the food warm and the crispy stuff, “crispy.” I think if my mousaka was already kept hot and they served it like that it would have been a better presentation then “nuking” it in the microwave right in front of me for about a minute.

follow Besides that, it was all very yummy. We topped the meal off with some good ‘ole fashioned Baklava. We also brought our youngest, Sabrina, with us and she enjoyed the atmosphere too. Afterwards, we all went to City Lights Theatres to see the movie, Iron Man, and liked it very much…it put Sabrina to sleep though, but her ticket was free.

Plaka Greek Cafe is located in Georgetown, Texas at the intersection of I35 and Williams Drive. You can’t miss it. Stay in the far right lane because it comes up quick! Oh yeah, our bill for Autumn and I came to just about $20. Check it out and share your experience with everyone in the comments section below. It’s always beneficial to me when I get recommendations on what to order.

WordPress Upgrade – Who ya gonna call?

I started this Georgetown Texas Real estate blog one year ago and performed my first “upgrade” today!  Actually, it was more out of necessity than anything, I went to my blog this past weekend and noticed all of my posts were appearing in reverse chronological order!  So, an upgrade did the trick.

I tried upgrading it myself and that was a biiiig mistake!  I thought I killed my blog…fortunately I did a backup beforehand.  After poking around in some forums, I was referred to a guy named James Burton who would help.  I emailed him and all he requested was a donation to his wordpress support website.

After about an hour, I was up and running. If you want to avoid spending hours doing something that you’re not good at and focus on your blogging, make sure you give James Burton a visit. And while he’s fixing or upgrading or getting you started…give his blog a read, it’s very heartwarming and genuine.

The Fiddler on My Roof….well, roof repair man actually.

Meet Terry Paris. You can’t see it from the picture, but he’s on a pretty steep roof slope…and it’s raining. Oh yeah, he’s not camera shy either. Now is that living on the edge or what? No pun intended. Actually, I called Terry about 3 hours before this picture was taken and here he is.

I had some roof tiles falling off of one of my rental homes and this was the forecast:

So, I didn’t want to take any chances. I called him and here he is, 3 hours later. What more do I need to say? Looking for a roofing contractor in Georgetown Texas who’s not afraid to get wet? Call for a free estimate at 512-477-7827.

I wish more services that I call upon make me this happy that I would bother to write a post in my blog! Anybody else have some good contractors in Georgetown, Texas you want to give a shout out to? follow site Feel free to comment on this Blog, the more feedback I get, the better resource this becomes for everyone!

Fancy Schmancy Restaurant in Georgetown, Texas

You’ve got to check out Chantal’s on the Georgetown Square! I went to this restaurant about a month ago and had this delicious roast beef sandwich au jus. I think that’s a fancy way to say you have permission to dip it in the French Onion Soup without looking like a caveman. Sorry Geico Cavemen, that wasn’t a slam.

All of the meat was so tender and mouth-watering good, especially since you get to dip it in the soup. Did I mention that you can dip it in soup like dipping Oreo cookies in milk? I had lots of fun dipping that sandwich of mine. My goal was to drink the soup by dipping it and not have to use my spoon. My friend didn’t know I was having so much fun…all he got was a salad. Not your typical looking salad, it looked like they forgot to cut off the romaine lettuce and just stuck the whole thing on his plate! He dipped his salad in dressing, but not nearly as cool as “au jus.”
I think the bill was $35 for two. If you want a low-risk way to check out their food without spending a ton on dinner, make it a lunch date.

The atmosphere is great too, set in an old historic home off the square. I’m taking my wife, Autumn, there for lunch tomorrow. I think it’s the best food in Georgetown…great for a date! Tomorrow will be the confirmation. Yum Yum, here I come!

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Mexican food in Georgetown, Texas

There are a ton of Tex-Mex choices in Georgetown, Texas…ask some professional eaters, and most would agree that Dos Salsas is the Georgetown favorite. However, Mexican food rates a little low for me…just slightly above Indian food. So after about 5 years of living in Georgetown, I decided to try the “local favorite” and took out some clients to eat there this past Sunday.

I couldn’t figure out what was so great about it…I tried the chimichangas and they tasted pretty much the same as any other Mexican Restaurant I’ve been to. The meal was hot, it was real cheesy and everything (lettuce, guacamole) seemed very fresh. Was it good for Mexican food…yes. Did it seem very different than other Mexican restaurants…no.

They also have an outdoor sitting area which was nice and it is very conveniently located in downtown Georgetown…but parking is difficult as that place seems to be always packed. Give this place a try and tell me what you think! Am I missing something here?

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Italian food worth driving to


Today I took the family into Austin to buy some Japanese food and do some other errands. We were wondering where we should go for lunch, when suddenly, out of the blue, I saw the sign MANDOLA’S ITALIAN MARKET.”

I immediately recognized that as one of the favorite restaurants from a recent restaurant poll I conducted, and pulled in to the parking lot. This place is incredible! The food was served hot and everything tasted so fresh! You can purchase authentic Italian food right in the store and prepare your own homemade Italian meal at home, or just order it in the restaurant and have them do all the work! There is plenty of seating indoors and outdoors and it is located in a real snazzy place called The Triangle.

I was so stuffed when I left the place, I couldn’t squeeze in any of the delicious click here homemade cakes and gelato that they had there. I already know what I want to try next time (the gnocci) and will be be sure to leave just enough room in my stomach for a big slice of chocolate espresso cake.

After I got home, I looked up the website and found out that it’s owned by the same guy that is on a PBS cooking show and helped start the Carabba’s Grill restaurants. ‘Nuff said. If somebody knows Damian Mandola, please tell him to open up a restaurant in Georgetown, Texas. I’ll be his number one patron.

Sorry Romeo’s, Olive Garden, or any other Italian restaurant out there….you ain’t got nothin’ on Mandola’s.

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