Real estate agent makes bold move (watch out Donald Trump)

صرف العملات الأجنبية Yes, today I decided to live on the edge and change my email address. Pretty bold, eh?

opcje binarne kto za to płaci I sent a massive email out to almost 700 people to notify them of this change.  If you didn’t get the email, don’t be offended.  It doesn’t necessarily mean that  you’re not in my “top 700 friends” list.  Maybe I just lost it somehow.  Or even worse, you unsubscribed from my email newsletter!

växla pengar forex legitimation Ok really, don’t be upset.  Here’s your chance to get on my radar again: click here My new email is

binaire opties rijk I really love reconnecting with old friends, so shoot me a comment on this post and say “Hi.”  If you’re one of the 3000+ unique visitors on this blog every month and I don’t know you, it’s time to introduce yourself!  I love to hear feedback and this blog is only interesting with your participation!

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