Radical Love

follow url Here’s a story about my friend in Georgetown, Tx

source She has 2 beautiful grandbabies who have been fostered and one is now officially adopted (Praise the Lord). The other grandbaby was in the process of being adopted, when there came opposition from her birth mom. Well, the courts ruled that the baby should stay with her birth mom.

http://cityhobo.com/kropiva/6079 After caring for the baby for about a year, my friend’s daughter had the gut wrenching task of returning the baby! Instead of just washing her hands of the matter, she decided to continue to keep in contact with the baby no matter what the cost. The birth mom lives about an hour or so from here and for months my friend or her daughter would make the long trip down there and pick up the baby and bring her to all of her well-baby doctor visits. In addition, she would ask to have the baby for selected weekends throughout the year with the approval of the mom and have the mom and baby over during holidays! And before and after these visits, she again would make that lengthy trip down to pick up and drop off the baby. As if that wasn’t enough, I just found out that the birth mom and the baby are now living with my friend until they can find housing close by!

source site As I listened to my friend speak of this, I commented that she and her daughter are amazing to do so much for someone they may never claim as theirs. Her response blew me away…she said:

go source url “She’s my grandbaby at heart.”

She is an inspiration to me. I don’t know if she is a Christ follower, but what she and her daughter have done gives me a tangible example of what Christ’s love looks like in the 21st century. They reached out to give this child and her mom love and hope, without expecting anything in return. I am grateful for an example of such follow radical love. ~Autumn

iq options binary option broker Editor’s Note: It’s refreshing to read this example of a selfless act of love. Especially in the world we live in where the tradition is always about looking after yourself. Need a break from tradition? Call a Realtor who’s see url radical about real estate and will look after your best interests. No “old school” high pressure sales tactics or bait-and-switch listing techniques here.

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  1. Great Blog! I have been selling real estate in Bend Oregon since 1981 and find it refreshing to find a helpful blog like yours! Keep up the good work!

  2. Your favorite HOMEboy says:

    Thanks Jim…keep up the great work yourself. I’ll keep you in mind if I have a client moving out there.

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