Quiz – Buyers’ Favorite Features

What do buyers want most in a new home? The National Association of REALTORS collected responses from more than 2500 buyers who recently purchased a home. Let’s see how well you know house hunters’ priorities!

go to link 1. What single home feature do buyers say they want most in a new home?

A. Walk-in closet in master bedroom
B. Central air conditioning
C. Backyard
D. Fully finished basement

go to link 2. What was the median home size purchased in 2013?

A. 2,320 square feet
B. 1,860 square feet
C. 1.450 square feet
D. 1,000 square feet

source url 3. Repeat buyers tend to be choosier than first-time buyers. In particular, repeat buyers place much more emphasis on these home features:

A. Fireplaces and air filtration systems
B. Bay windows and finished basements
C. Over-sized garages and master bedroom with walk-in closets
D. Backyards and proximity to entertainment

source site 4. Within three months after buying a home, nearly half of all buyers remodeled or made improvements to which part of the house?

A. Master bedroom
B. Backyard
C. Kitchen
D. Home office

http://visitsvartadalen.nu/?saxarokese=k%C3%B6pa-sildenafil-accord&d6b=d4 5. Which kitchen feature ranked highest among buyers?

A. New appliances
B. Eat-in kitchen
C. Kitchen Island
D. Granite countertops

source link 6. What three features did buyers say they’d be most willing to pay extra for in a home?

A. Proximity to work, a wooded lot, and a backyard or play area
B. Whirlpool baths, proximity to schools, and a deck
C. A corner lot, a lawn sprinkler system, and high-end kitchen appliances
D. Central air-conditioning, walk-in closets, and hardwood floors

cytotec where can i buy in Midland Texas 7. A home’s energy efficiency is most important to which segment of buyers?

A. Repeat buyers
B. Second-home buyers
C. New-home buyers
D. First-time buyers

get link 8. Where do first-time home buyers tend to purchase a home?

A. Rural area
B. City or urban area
C. Suburb or subdivision
D. Small town

opzioni digitali versione demo 9. What’s the most common type of home purchased?

A. Single level
B. Split level
C. Two levels
D. Three levels

http://boersenalltag.de/blog/post/2017/04/24/sdk-ruft-zur-teilnahme-an-der-hauptversammlung-der-grammer-ag-am-24-mai-auf/index.html 10. What did new-home buyers most wish their home had more of?

A. Storage
B. Bedrooms
C. Kitchen space
D. Bathrooms


http://georgetowncustomhomes.com/?loiswe=Work-online-with-no-money-down-from-home&75f=a0 Answers

1. B          2. B          3. C          4. C          5. A          6. D          7. C         8. C          9. A          10. A



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