Pre-inspections = Stress-free option periods – Chuck and Fran Testimonial chuck-and-fran-133-vp-dr

click Back after popular demand:  Another go “Favorite HOMEboy Testimonial” Okay, I confess, I’m not sure how popular these are and what the demand is, but many of my recent clients have been rather “video-shy” so I’m glad that Chuck and Fran decided to be such good sports.
They live on my street and are some cool neighbors and I wish them the best in their future as “beach bums.”  The home that was sold was on 133 Village Park Drive in Georgetown Village. One of the things I always recommend to my clients is to do a pre-inspection.  This is another revolutionary method that my brokerage, Mars Hill Realty Group, integrates into our house marketing strategy.  Here are the top 3 reasons we do this:

opcje binarne darmowe sygnały 1.  Eliminates potential deal-killers 2.  Reduces negotiation leverage of buyer during option period

3.  Attracts the highest offer from the buyer by positioning your home as fixed and well cared for.

source url Check out the testimonial below and call me to get the same great results on your home!

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