Passing the torch in Georgetown Texas

Editor’s Comment: This has been re-posted from our company blog at to make sure all of our readers and clients know what is happening in our business.  Since the time of this writing, Autumn now has a work-at-home position and I will be re-building my real estate business in Northern Virginia.  We are very excited!


2012 ended with a great 10-year anniversary celebration for my wife and I on our first real vacation to Hawaii.  Personally, we felt refreshed and blessed that we could get away and celebrate what God has been doing in our lives since moving to Texas and starting our family back in 2003 when I was stationed at Ft. Hood as an Army MI Officer.  So much has changed since then.

Getting the Call

As we were making preparations for our vacation, we also received a call from a long-time friend of ours from college, Pastor Tom.  Over 10 years ago, we felt led to help Pastor Tom start a church when he was ready to transition away from leading Agape Christian Fellowship (ACF), a Christian student group at the University of Rochester in New York.  This is the same group that Autumn and I attended in college and how we first met.  ACF and Pastor Tom both have a very special place in our hearts.  Pastor Tom essentially told us that he was ready to plant a church and it would be located in Northern Virginia.  Specifically in Ashburn, VA, a town in Loudoun County.

Over the next few weeks, Autumn and I had to do some self-reflection and praying to make sure this is still something we felt led to participate in.  And if so, timing was also another consideration.

Making a Decision

To help us with our decision, we looked back over the years to see how God has been preparing us for this eventual move.  Over recent years, we have been developing goals in various areas of our lives to help us confirm the timing of this move and almost every one of those prayers have been answered!

We had financial goals that will be met next month.  We also had personal goals and relational goals that we witnessed God’s faithfulness in recent years.  Some of our goals are still unmet, such as securing a job in Virginia or developing a business idea before we move down.  However, we know God will continue to provide for us as we trust Him and make decisions by faith.

Finally, we also had goals for our brokerage, Mars Hill Realty Group, and my personal business of buying/selling real estate.   My goal was to transition away from my buying/selling business and eventually sell it.  Over two years ago I asked my brother, Edwin, and his wife, Candice, to join me in Texas, move from California and partner with me in my business as an initial step.  After a successful two year transition, Edwin has fully taken over my buying/selling business and I have been focusing on building up the property management division for Mars Hill Realty Group.  All this was done in preparation for an ineveitable move back east for church planting.

As Autumn and I look back at these goals, we know they could never have been accomplished on our own.  For God to have his hand so clearly in these plans, we knew that moving to Virginia to be a part of this church plant had to be God’s direction for us.

Preparing for Change

So, as of January 1, 2013, your favorite HOMEboy has passed the torch to another HOMEboy named Ed Lui.  To make it easier for our clients, we also exchanged phone numbers so that 512-554-9594 will now be answered by Edwin.  My new number is Edwin’s old number, 512-761-6476.  I will continue to serve as the broker for Mars Hill Realty Group and our property management team will continue to seek Investors to work with and manage investment property.

In case you’re wondering whether this change will affect the service you will receive, you can take comfort in knowing that, unofficially, Edwin had already been leading the buying and selling side for the past 12 months.  And for the past 2 months, Valerie, our VP of Operations, has been doing an excellent job running the Property Management division so that I could focus soley on new client development and sales.  During my extended vacation in December, I was able to “field test” for the first time how Mars Hill would operate without my physical presence and everybody passed with flying colors.

I’m so thankful for all of my clients and friends who have supported my family by trusting in me to help them buy, sell, invest and manage real estate over the years.  Your continued trust and referrals will continued to be handled with the same care and professionalism that you have experienced with me personally.  The Mars Hill Property Management team and my brother Edwin, have been personally trained by me to continue to serve your real estate needs in the areas of buying selling, investing and property management and are eager to help.

As my family and I prepare our move to Virginia this coming summer, please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.  We are certainly excited for this adventure, but also sad to leave such great friends, clients and a close, loving community that we’ve raised our family in.  Mars Hill Realty is expanding to Virginia and we’ll keep you updated on our progress through this blog as well as our Facebook page:  Please send us any questions you have, and comment on our Facebook page.  We would love to hear your thoughts!

Your Favorite HOMEboy,



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