Our First Family Missions Trip to Mexico

Mexico is closer than you think.

africa.gif Contrary to popular belief, not all missions trips involve traveling to Africa…

One nice thing about living in Georgetown, Texas is that you can drive just 4 hours away and be in a different culture, outside of your comfort zone, and interact with people who you normally wouldn’t even say “Hi” to. Recently, my church in Georgetown, Texas (Hill Country Bible Church) planned a trip to Piedras Negras, Mexico to lend a hand to an orphanage there called Casa Bethesda.

What is Casa Bethesda?

P Paulino.jpg

In the Bible – John 5, there is mention of a Pool of Bethesda which means “house of mercy.” It was here where many people with sicknesses would come in hopes of being healed. Jesus healed a man who was lame for 38 years at this very location! For the past several years, Pastor Paulino and his wife, Betty, have been doing a similar task by accepting orphans into their church and home with the hopes of bringing them healing. Many of these children have physical impairments and are wheelchair bound or have been diagnosed with lifetime disorders like Downs Syndrome and Autism. This man, Pastor Paulino, obeyed God’s call to accept these children and care for them and we have partnered with him to help. (By the way, there are two men in the picture to the right. In case you haven’t guessed it, Pastor Paulino is the man on the left. The one on the right, John Mize, is as American as they come, complete with baseball cap and jean shorts.)

So here’s the latest development: We have recruited two physical therapists to help these children for the next 2 years on a rotational basis. They will reside in an on-site apartment, that has been built by generously donated funds and volunteer work. Our mission for this trip is to paint it and furnish it with donated items.

IMG_4860.JPGMy purpose in sharing all of this was to tell you what an awesome time I had bringing my family down with me to Mexico. I just realized that two-thirds of what I have written above is only the background behind these trips! Here’s what it comes down to though: My wife and three children (Joshua, Chloe and Sabrina) stayed back at the living quarters and helped prep the meals for everyone while I did some of the physical labor (like painting and moving stuff). As a young daddy, I really want to raise my children in an environment that promotes service and not selfishness, I want to teach them what it means to sacrifice your time, your money and your skills to help others who don’t have nearly as much. I think these trips help drive the point home more than any lecture can…and I trust that God will slowly instill these principles and truths in their lives.

I put together a short video on the trip that shows what we did. Enjoy…and let me know if God moves in your heart to go on the next trip in July!

See Video of the trip:

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