One Mile Mark

I finally did it! One mile, or 32 laps, in 45 minutes! Now I can justify eating some extra pie on Thanksgiving!:)

On Tuesday I set out for 24 Hour Fitness determined to swim 25 laps. Last week I was physically ready, but I had that darn headache develop around the 20th lap again….bad breathing technique maybe? I asked my friend Wayne to pray for me and he prayed my body would “oxygenate” correctly. I didn’t know that was a word, but to God’s credit, I didn’t get a headache! After 25 laps, I felt good so I decided to just swim 7 more so I could reach my goal before the new years.

I guess now I need to come up with a new goal for 2008. Any suggestions?

Until then, give me some more of that Monument Cafe pecan pie baby!

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