New Sport For Me

interactive option erfahrungen Well, after being in the Army for about 5 years, my legs just about had it for running. I ran the Prague International Marathon and can feel good about never running again…unless it’s running after my 1 1/2 year old, Chloe.

here So what’s the new sport? Well three actually. The first thing I did to replace running was to start biking. I got myself a nice Gary Fisher Tassajara and every now and then I go with my friend David. However, lately it’s been very hot and the San Gabriel River is flowing over the usual trail that leads to San Gabriel Park.  Georgetown, Texas has been getting lots of rain lately!
This year, I decided to add two new sports: GOLFING and SWIMMING I really stink at swimming. I decided to take some lessons at 24 Hour Fitness in Round Rock and after 5 lessons, I see dramatic improvement: From 10 laps in 1 hour to my new record today: click here 17 laps in 30 minutes

go Woohoo! My goal is 20 laps in 30 minutes without touching the floor of the swimming pool. I’ll keep you posted…but I think I found my new sport!

go to site As for golfing, I’ll save that experience for another post.

opcje binarne symulator ~ Edward

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