Mexican food in Georgetown, Texas

There are a ton of Tex-Mex choices in Georgetown, Texas…ask some professional eaters, and most would agree that Dos Salsas is the Georgetown favorite. However, Mexican food rates a little low for me…just slightly above Indian food. So after about 5 years of living in Georgetown, I decided to try the “local favorite” and took out some clients to eat there this past Sunday.

I couldn’t figure out what was so great about it…I tried the chimichangas and they tasted pretty much the same as any other Mexican Restaurant I’ve been to. The meal was hot, it was real cheesy and everything (lettuce, guacamole) seemed very fresh. Was it good for Mexican food…yes. Did it seem very different than other Mexican restaurants…no.

They also have an outdoor sitting area which was nice and it is very conveniently located in downtown Georgetown…but parking is difficult as that place seems to be always packed. Give this place a try and tell me what you think! Am I missing something here?

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  1. Brian Ortego says:

    Its greatness is derived from the fact that it has been around over twenty-years in a town that has grown around it. The food may or may not be better or worse than it has always been. As long as the food is consistently pretty good, and the place stays fairly clean, it will thrive on the goodwill that it has accrued over the years. Dos Salsas serves a cuisine that enjoys great demand everywhere. Friends, families, and co-workers have created great memories dining there over the years, and their grown children now eat there with their friends etc. In the Austin sense, its iconic!

    On any given night, one can spend considerably more dollars at places an hour away at places like Manuel’s or Serrano’s for comparably similar food. The opportunity cost of driving an hour away to eat on a weeknight for a wider variety of food quality and choices creates opportunity for local restaurants to capture you with usually good food with the added convenience, and the chance to win you over from having to drive miles south to dine.

    The biggest variable that either makes or breaks a restaurant in a city of 50,000 +/- is consistent service and the relationship that the owner/manager creates with his guests. He wins who can build the better team!

  2. Your favorite HOMEboy says:

    Brian, you hit the nail on the head!

    There were several “iconic” places in Rochester, NY that my college buddies and I would always patronize when we came back for a visit: Dibella’s Old Fashioned Subs ( and the chicken wings at The Distillery ( I’d give anything to bring those restaurants to Georgetown, TX. As testament to their good food, they’ve opened several other locations since.

    By the way, I believe it was YOUR recommendation for Mandola’s and now I’m a raving fan:) Thanks!

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