Italian food worth driving to


Today I took the family into Austin to buy some Japanese food and do some other errands. We were wondering where we should go for lunch, when suddenly, out of the blue, I saw the sign MANDOLA’S ITALIAN MARKET.”

I immediately recognized that as one of the favorite restaurants from a recent restaurant poll I conducted, and pulled in to the parking lot. This place is incredible! The food was served hot and everything tasted so fresh! You can purchase authentic Italian food right in the store and prepare your own homemade Italian meal at home, or just order it in the restaurant and have them do all the work! There is plenty of seating indoors and outdoors and it is located in a real snazzy place called The Triangle.

I was so stuffed when I left the place, I couldn’t squeeze in any of the delicious homemade cakes and gelato that they had there. I already know what I want to try next time (the gnocci) and will be be sure to leave just enough room in my stomach for a big slice of chocolate espresso cake.

After I got home, I looked up the website and found out that it’s owned by the same guy that is on a PBS cooking show and helped start the Carabba’s Grill restaurants. ‘Nuff said. If somebody knows Damian Mandola, please tell him to open up a restaurant in Georgetown, Texas. I’ll be his number one patron.

Sorry Romeo’s, Olive Garden, or any other Italian restaurant out there….you ain’t got nothin’ on Mandola’s.


  1. If you enjoyed that check out the winery he opened last year. You will have to drive a little further south into Dripping Springs but it is worth it.

    Soon he will have a restaurant open there as well.

  2. Thanks Kevin, looks like a great day trip!

  3. Maria Stella says:

    Edward I live in your neighborhood and I love how you enhance the community, not just with your Real Estate endevors but also your actions on giving this community a voice. I am happy that you found Mandola’s Market. I am 100% Italian and have felt lost without really good Italian food. I could not find a canoli anywhere until I found Mandola’s. I have recently visited the winery and had dinner there while sitting outside on their fabulous covered porch overlooking the gardens. The food and the wine is “top notch”.

  4. Maria, that’s so funny, I just came back from Mandola’s and had their canoli for lunch! I’ll have to visit the winery next!

    Thanks for the encouraging words. I love this neighborhood and if there’s anything I can help you with, please let me know.


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