Georgetown Village: Multi-Use Survey Results

 Pie Chart

The results are in! There has been lots of discussion over the future commerical center in Georgetown Village and some of you might have even read the recent article in the Williamson County Sun about it. After tallying the results from 33 families in Georgetown Village, here are the results of my survey (click on image above).

Pie Chart Details.  Every resident had an opportunity to choose their top 10 establishments that they wanted in the Village.  Their top choice (#1) would be given the highest score, a score of 10.  Each successive choice would be assigned a lower point value.  For example, their #2 choice was given a score of 9, #3 choice a score of 8 and so on.  The businesses shown in the pie chart reflect the amount of points they received as a percentage of the overall points. 

Lowest Scoring Businesses.  The “Other” category represents the businesses that had 3% or less of the total scoring points. In order of popularity, they are:  Dry Cleaners, Gift Shops, Dental/Doctor’s Office, Clothing, After School Programs, Real Estate Office, Nail Saolon/Spa, Candy Store/Arcade, Bank/Mortgage Office, Dance Studio, Daycare, Florist/Nursery, Sports Bar, Insurance Office, Pet Grooming/Pet Supplies, Golf Store

Restaurant Types.  I also received specific feedback from the residents on the types of eating establishments they wanted to see here.  It seems as though most people are in agreement that they don’t want any fast food chains, but prefer, cafe’/bistro-style restaurants with outdoor eating available. 

What about the Pool?  Even though the survey never mentioned a pool, I also had suggestions for a better swimming pool situation.  Most people, including myself, would love for the developer to build a swimming pool that is owned by the neighborhood and not the city of Georgetown.  I think adding on to the current pool would be a wonderful idea.  Maybe build a simple clubhouse that people could reserve and provide 24 hour pool access via a simple keycard.  Expanding an area just for kids with slides and sprinklers and waterfalls could also help this future “town-center” be well-utilized by all families without being too overcrowded.  This would make Georgetown Village one of the first neighborhoods in Georgetown, Texas to have an extensive swim facility for kids!  There certainly is enough land to expand this area before the need for a second swimming pool arises.  Speaking from experience with my clients, when potential buyers lay eyes on a kid-friendly pool area with slides and waterfalls, etc. that goes a long way in “selling the neighborhood.”  What are your thoughts?  Feel free to comment by clicking the “comment” link below!

Why on earth am I doing this?  Nobody pays me to do this and I’m not an employee working for any of the developers or builders in Georgetown, Texas.  I spend countless hours and thousands of dollars developing and maintaining this website to provide the most accurate and helpful real estate information to you.  I started to focus on my website this year because it would be the quickest way to get the results of my research to the public. 

Because of your generosity, I can choose to allocate my marketing dollars and time to a website, instead of calling strangers, knocking on doors or publishing expensive newspaper ads to get business.  If you or a friend needs help in buying or selling a home in Georgetown, Texas, letting me put my expertise to work for you will continue justifying the resources I invest into this website.  Also, my wife will be happy to know I’m not just typing-away on the computer for nothing!  Any referral you give me is sincerely appreciated and goes a long way towards helping me, an individual real estate practitioner, cover the extensive real estate market in Georgetown, Texas. 

Many Thanks Neighbors!

~Edward Lui


  1. Brian Ortego says:

    Thanks for compiling the data you’ve received, and presenting it here. Its amazing that such apathy exists, when in fact neighborhood type issues are actually the ones where community involvement carries the most weigh and ability to influence outcomes on development type issues. Having the most involvement, and a majority sampling ensures that a very vocal minority stance on issues doesn’t upstage the actual desire of the entire community. It’s amazing, but it is reality.

  2. Brian, I was hoping for a little bit more participation also, especially on something that could make a such a significant lifestyle impact on all of the residents! I am very glad that you are part of the leadership in this community and appreciate the way you advocate for us on all the developer issues. Keep it up!


  3. Maria Stella says:

    I agree that a kid friendly neighborhood pool/water park will go a long way toward selling Georgetown Village. My husband and I seriously considered moving to Falcon Point in Round Rock just for that reason. They have a fabulous activity center that includes a water park/pool, tennis, and basketball on the land that is adjacent to the community center. It is the social center of that community. A place where neighbors can have fun and socialize together. There is not a lot of Georgetown Village neighbors that use the pool because it is public and not open to us all of the time. Frankly speaking I would love to be able to swim in the morning but can not because the pool is not open.

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