Georgetown Village Multi-Use Development

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Shops, Stores and Multi-Family units coming to a neighborhood near you! 

Imagine meeting your friends at a coffee shop that is located within your neighborhood…no streets to cross, no cars to start, and if you’re like me, by the time you get the kids buckled in that new-fangled 5 point seat belt, you might be already taking your first sip of coffee.  Is this a new way of life?  Well, not really.  Just a few days ago, my friend David and I were reminiscing about the “good ‘ole days” when you could ride your bike to a local store and buy candy without having to face major traffic.  Maybe a new way of life these days, but if you are a resident of Georgetown Village that will soon be a reality.  Not just stores, but maybe even restaurants and other conveniences that could increase the value of this neighborhood.  If you’re interested in giving your input to this future project, there is a meeting on Thursday, April 26th at 6:30PM at the Village Elementary Cafetorium.  If you’re interested in learning more about this neighborhood that I live in, call me or visit the developer’s website here:  Georgetown Village Website

So what do you think?  Can this help neighborhood home values?  Or could this turn into a disaster development where the only thing you see from your back window is a giant gas station? 

**UPDATE** Click on the “comment” link below this blog to read the details of the meeting

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  1. Krista Olszewski says:

    Edward – What a wonderful idea this blog is. As a fellow Georgetown Village resident, I too am concerned about the upcoming development right behind my house! I certainly hope your positive comments come to fruition! I hope to find out more information at the meeting next week —and time will certainly tell … Thanks again for all you do for this neighborhood! Krista

  2. Key points for 4/26 meeting in case you missed it:

    Georgetown Village is getting a new logo makeover and specific sections in the neighborhood will be named (drive through Teravista for an example).

    In about 2 months, a new section of the Village on the South side of Shell Road will be breaking ground….prices will start in the $200’s and the developer’s own company, Green Building INC, will be building.

    There are also plans for another Elementary school, amenity center and pool on the South side of Shell Road.

    80′-90′ lots with estate homes will be built towards the end of this year…prices will range from $350K-$500K. Time to upgrade!

    Section 10, the 24 acres on the North side of Shell Road designated for mixed-use will consist of townhomes, shops, restaurants and offices. It is planned for completion in the next 2-3 years.

    What’s most interesting to me is the rate of growth that will change since this new developer, Wilson Communities is taking over. Consider this: In the past 8 years, 400+ homes have been built (that’s slooooow). In the next 8 years, 2200 homes will be built (that’s fast!).

    Lastly, the active enforcement of neighborhood restrictions will be turned over to Alliance Association Management.

    Everybody seemed optimistic about the exciting growth…some of the concerns were: 

    Are we going to try and save any of the trees?  Will the developer promise to not put a liquor store in our town center?  Will my home lose value if I back to the town center?  Will naming the different neighborhood sections give us the feeling of segregation and “house envy?”

    Post your thoughts!

  3. Edward says:

    Krista, thanks for the comments! You’ve been proactive in this neighborhood yourself and I think that’s great. I’m developing a marketing piece that will be sent out to our neighbors on Monday the 14th. It will be a poll for a list of products/services that the neighbors would most like to see in our multi-use development. I will be working in conjunction with Mark Gram on this and I think it will be a great idea!


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