Fancy Schmancy Restaurant in Georgetown, Texas

source url You’ve got to check out Chantal’s on the Georgetown Square! I went to this restaurant about a month ago and had this delicious roast beef sandwich au jus. I think that’s a fancy way to say you have permission to dip it in the French Onion Soup without looking like a caveman. Sorry Geico Cavemen, that wasn’t a slam.

pperazioni binarie All of the meat was so tender and mouth-watering good, especially since you get to dip it in the soup. Did I mention that you can dip it in soup like dipping Oreo cookies in milk? I had lots of fun dipping that sandwich of mine. My goal was to drink the soup by dipping it and not have to use my spoon. My friend didn’t know I was having so much fun…all he got was a salad. Not your typical looking salad, it looked like they forgot to cut off the romaine lettuce and just stuck the whole thing on his plate! He dipped his salad in dressing, but not nearly as cool as “au jus.”
I think the bill was $35 for two. If you want a low-risk way to check out their food without spending a ton on dinner, make it a lunch date.

get link The atmosphere is great too, set in an old historic home off the square. I’m taking my wife, Autumn, there for lunch tomorrow. I think it’s the best food in Georgetown…great for a date! Tomorrow will be the confirmation. Yum Yum, here I come!

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  1. Your favorite HOMEboy says:

    source site I went back a second time today and my wife got the same sandwich…it’s actually called the French Dip and it was almost as good as the first time. I only take exception to the fact that they changed breads on me….and I liked it better the first time. I would think there would be some predictability to that sort of stuff. I ended up getting a sirloin salad. Very fresh and tasty with lots of different field greens, blue cheese crumbles and tomato…was the lunch worth the total bill of $31? I don’t think it was….but that’s why I had a coupon and paid $20 baby! Still, a good place to eat if price isn’t a consideration. Like if you make your Real Estate Agent take you there because you’re bringing him a referral:) Up to the challenge? ~Edward

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