Don’t Get a Ticket!

See if you know the answers to these five questions about Texas traffic laws.

  1. True or false     It’s OK to use the center turn lanes for merging into traffic.
  2. True or false     You’re allowed to turn left on red.
  3. True or false    If you get a speeding ticket in Louisiana, it won’t be reported in Texas.
  4. True or false    Texas law prohibits parking within 30 ft. of the approach to a stop sign.
  5. True or false     Red-light cameras can also be used to enforce other types of traffic violations.

  1. False. The center turn lane is reserved for left turns and is not to be used as a waiting area to merge onto a roadway.
  2. True. If the intersecting streets are both one-way streets and a left turn is permissible, you may turn left on a red light after coming to a stop.
  3. False. Texas and 44 other states, including all states bordering Texas, are part of the Driver License Compact. Members of this group pass along information about a non-resident’s traffic violations to the driver’s home state.
  4. True.
  5. False.


SOURCES: Texas Driver’s Handbook, Texas Department of Transportation, American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators


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