April Newsletter: Farmers Markets

Spring has arrived in Central Texas! There are so many fun things to do this time of year: have your picture taken in the bluebonnets, attend the Red Poppy Festival in Georgetown, or watch a Round Rock Express game at the Dell Diamond. Another great springtime activity is visiting your local farmers market. Nutrition.gov offers several great reasons why you should consider shopping at a farmers market.


  • Farmers markets are easy to find.

Simply Google “Central Texas farmers markets” to find one near you or visit Austin Area Farmers  Market. Due to their flexible locations, some community farmers markets provide fresh, healthy foods when other sources aren’t as easily accessed.

  • SNAP and WIC cards are accepted at most farmers markets.


  • You can try a new fruit or vegetable!

Have you ever tasted gooseberries or rhubarb? Many farmers markets offer lesser known fruits and vegetables, providing a variety that can be both tasty and nutritious.

  • Farmers often have good recommendations on ways to prepare their products.


  • Farmers markets can be important anchors for vibrant communities.

Meet your local farmers, learn about foods grown in your area and catch up with friends and neighbors while stocking up with local goods. Supporting your local farmers market strengthens your community.  

  • It’s a great way to get your kids involved.

Let them pick out something new to try; it’s a great way to get kids to try new foods!

  • Fresh fruit and vegetables are full of antioxidants and phytonutrients.


  • Shopping at farmers markets supports your local farmers and keeps the money you spend closer to your neighborhood.


  • Freshly picked ripe food is at its peak in flavor and nutrition.

Stop by your local farmers market today, learn about where your food comes from, and enjoy some delicious and nutritious food.





Red Poppy Festival

The whole family is sure to have fun on the weekend of April 26 & 27, 2014 at the Red Poppy Festival! Featuring over 100 artisans from across the nation, the Open Car Show, the Kids Zone, Live Entertainment and the Saturday Night Concert and Street Dance! Friday Night Kickoff Concert April 25 at 7pm!  Saturday Night Concert featuring The Belamy Brothers!



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