Always have a plan “B”

Buying a home is tricky business.  You want to buy a home you love, but you don’t want the other party to know it, otherwise you give up negotiation leverage.  On the other hand, sometimes if a seller knows you really love it and appreciate the property, they may feel a “connection” with you and want to sell it to you even if it’s not the highest offer.  Recently, I chose the second option and here’s my story:

My family and I decided to move back to Northern Virginia and we finally saw a home we liked.  We liked it enough to put an offer on it without even seeing it.  It had the land we were looking for, it was “off the grid” for water, and was fairly close to the school that our kids will be attending in Centreville, VA.  Check out the home by clicking here.

After my wife and I talked about it, we decided it was probably a 7 out of 10 on the scale of how much we liked it.  In order to get to a 10, it would have needed a pre-existing fruit orchard, be about 5 minutes closer to the school, and have a more updated and “normal” floorplan.  The home was over 100 years old and it wasn’t the “perfect” home, but we loved the property, the pond, the creek…..ok, I better stop now before I get sad again.

There were two other offers besides ours and I knew I didn’t want to offer full price.  My offer was probably the lowest, but I explained to the listing agent our reasons for moving back to Northern Virginia and our dream for owning a farm and raising our kids in that type of lifestyle.  At the end of the day, it didn’t work out, and they probably ended up going for the highest offer in financial terms. But boy did they miss out on a chance to get free fruit from Lui Fruit Farms!

Autumn and I decided that rather then blame our real estate agent (me) for not getting the property we really wanted, that maybe God has a plan “B” for us.  So now we’re looking at buying a townhome that is closer to the school in Centreville and then turning it into a rental property after a year, and taking our time to identify some raw land to build our farm on.  So, if you know of an investor looking to buy a property under $300,000 within 10 miles of Centerville, Virginia, I know how every neighborhood stacks up!

So if you’re going to be making an offer with me in Virginia, or with Edwin in Texas, we’ll fight our hardest to help you with plan A…..but make sure you come ready with a plan B.

~ Your Favorite HOMEboy, Edward


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