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303 Windridge Village – Cute Charmer Made for Walking


17 Deck

I just had to show off the cozy rear deck first.

There are shoes made for walking, there are boots made for walking, and now there is a home made for walking.  303 Windridge Village Court is centrally located in the heart of Georgetown.  Lace up or slip on your foot covering of choice as you begin your very short journey to Downtown Georgetown’s Historic Square (voted most beautiful town square in Texas!), San Gabriel Park, or numerous restaurants, coffee shops, antique stores, or the weekly farmer’s market.  Students and professors can also stroll a few blocks to Southwestern University.

16 Deck

Easy to maintain, easy to enjoy.

At 1,084 sf, this 2 bedroom, 2 full bathroom home is a breeze to clean up.  However, the open floor plan and rear deck give you plenty of space to entertain your guests or take a break from all that walking! There are no neighbors behind you, unless you consider the massive oak trees, giving you unparalleled privacy at this price point.  The cedar patio has been re-stained and the stone patio will be strong and beautiful for many years to come.

02 Living

Dining and bar seating aplenty!

08 Living

Great space to entertain indoor and outdoor.

The lovely owner has taken great care and pride in this home for almost 10 years.  She has freshened up to the interior to the tune of new wood laminate and ceramic tile floors, new baseboards throughout, and a fresh coat of paint.  There is no carpet to snag up dust or allergens.  Need to commute to Austin during the week?  No problem.  This home has a two-car garage, which is very rare in this neighborhood.  Another extra is the indoor utility.  Really, who wants to do laundry in the dark, cold garage in the winter?  The asking price of $161,800 is a bargain when you consider the top reasons for buying real estate – location, location, location!

303 Windridge Village – Sellers Disclosure

303 Windridge Village – Survey

303 Winridge Village – Upgrades



Quiz – Buyers’ Favorite Features

What do buyers want most in a new home? The National Association of REALTORS collected responses from more than 2500 buyers who recently purchased a home. Let’s see how well you know house hunters’ priorities!

1. What single home feature do buyers say they want most in a new home?

A. Walk-in closet in master bedroom
B. Central air conditioning
C. Backyard
D. Fully finished basement

2. What was the median home size purchased in 2013?

A. 2,320 square feet
B. 1,860 square feet
C. 1.450 square feet
D. 1,000 square feet

3. Repeat buyers tend to be choosier than first-time buyers. In particular, repeat buyers place much more emphasis on these home features:

A. Fireplaces and air filtration systems
B. Bay windows and finished basements
C. Over-sized garages and master bedroom with walk-in closets
D. Backyards and proximity to entertainment

4. Within three months after buying a home, nearly half of all buyers remodeled or made improvements to which part of the house?

A. Master bedroom
B. Backyard
C. Kitchen
D. Home office

5. Which kitchen feature ranked highest among buyers?

A. New appliances
B. Eat-in kitchen
C. Kitchen Island
D. Granite countertops

6. What three features did buyers say they’d be most willing to pay extra for in a home?

A. Proximity to work, a wooded lot, and a backyard or play area
B. Whirlpool baths, proximity to schools, and a deck
C. A corner lot, a lawn sprinkler system, and high-end kitchen appliances
D. Central air-conditioning, walk-in closets, and hardwood floors

7. A home’s energy efficiency is most important to which segment of buyers?

A. Repeat buyers
B. Second-home buyers
C. New-home buyers
D. First-time buyers

8. Where do first-time home buyers tend to purchase a home?

A. Rural area
B. City or urban area
C. Suburb or subdivision
D. Small town

9. What’s the most common type of home purchased?

A. Single level
B. Split level
C. Two levels
D. Three levels

10. What did new-home buyers most wish their home had more of?

A. Storage
B. Bedrooms
C. Kitchen space
D. Bathrooms



1. B          2. B          3. C          4. C          5. A          6. D          7. C         8. C          9. A          10. A



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