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Snow’s Barbeque – We love it for the BBQ Pork and Ribs

dsc_8489At 9:30am I called Snow’s Barbeque to find out their hours and the guy on the phone says, “They’re going fast!”  The restaurant closes whenever they run out of BBQ, which is usually noon at the latest.  I tell him that I’m coming with 3 kids and ask him to save me some BBQ and so he takes  a quick order and tells me to see Sarah when I get there.   We pile in the minivan and head off to our weekend day trip:  Snow’s BBQ in Lexington, Texas for what Texas Monthly in 2008 calls the “Best BBQ in Texas.”

At 10:15am we got to Taylor and took a rinky dink “shortcut” called FM 112 towards Lexington.  The whole trip is about an hour from Georgetown, Texas so it makes for an easy day trip.

When we got there, the line was already formed but the wait really wasn’t too bad.  We stocked up on our order to make sure we could try everything they had on the menu.  We sat down outdoors and stuffed ourselves with pure, smokey goodness.  Fatty brisket, pork ribs, sausage….and some side dishes to reduce the “meat-guilt” of eating too much barbeque.  Autumn and I loved the way they cooked their pork.  As a 10 year resident of Germany, I’m very picky about the way pork is cooked and how it tastes.  This may not be your typical compliment, but the guys at Snow’s cook pork like Germans!  Das is Gut!


We had plenty of leftovers to take home, wrapped up beautifully in some large pieces of foil.  I also got to take a picture with Pitmaster Tootsie:)


Afterwards, we were told about a cattle auction right around the corner, so we had some fun listening to the auctioneer talk a mile a minute and then went out on the catwalk to see more cows then I’ve ever seen in my life.


We had a great time and the food was excellent.  If you want to know what makes Texas famous for BBQ, make sure you stop by Snow’s ya hear!?

Check out this Smoker!


Williamson County – Healthiest in Texas


It’s pretty neat that Georgetown, Texas has been recognized as one of the best places to retire.  I often send my blog article to people who are considering this town for retirement.  However, I think I found the real reason right here:

County Health Rankings

According to this website, Williamson County ranked #1 out of all the Texas Counties for Health Outcomes.  This ranking is measured by statistics for premature deaths, poor physical health days, poor mental health days, low birthweight, and more!

So, maybe all of these retirees are on to something.

#1 out of 221 counties…not bad.

Georgetown, Texas – Good place for hikers and bikers

I love riding my bike.  Ever since I got out of the Army, I retired from running and decided to take up sports that had less impact on the joints:  Swimming and Biking.

Over the past year, I could only squeeze in 1 day per week to exercise and I used that for swimming.  Now, I’m working my way up to two days and biking is back in the routine.  The thing I love about Georgetown is that there are trails for every skill level.  I can easily veer off the trail, if I’m feeling adventuresome, and find some challenging, rocky course that will usually end with me getting a bit scratched up and my wife giving me that “you are one clumsy fool” look.

Here’s an article below that my friend John wrote for me about the growing hike and bike trails in Georgetown.  After you finish reading about the trail in this article, call me up if you want to experience it in real life and we’ll hit the trails together!

– Your Favorite HOMEboy, Edward

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