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Georgetown, Texas Real Estate Resource

Over the next few weeks, I will be opening up this blog to other professionals in Georgetown, Texas: Builders, Architects, Developers, Lenders, etc.

This will give them a voice and a personality in addition to sharing their industry knowledge and how it is relevant to the Georgetown, Texas market. Readers of this Blog will be able to engage with these professionals and can use this as a resource for doing business. What do you think? If you’d like to contribute to my Blog, respond to this post, I’m open to ideas!


Oaks At Wildwood – A new spin on maintenance-free living

wildwood plat wildwood home

Let’s welcome our newest contributor to this blog: David Blackburn

He will be the driving force behind a new development located in the hot area of NW Georgetown and is here to engage with anybody interested in these homes. Keep checking back to this blog for events and information related to the Oaks at Wildwood!


Mexican food in Georgetown, Texas

There are a ton of Tex-Mex choices in Georgetown, Texas…ask some professional eaters, and most would agree that Dos Salsas is the Georgetown favorite. However, Mexican food rates a little low for me…just slightly above Indian food. So after about 5 years of living in Georgetown, I decided to try the “local favorite” and took out some clients to eat there this past Sunday.

I couldn’t figure out what was so great about it…I tried the chimichangas and they tasted pretty much the same as any other Mexican Restaurant I’ve been to. The meal was hot, it was real cheesy and everything (lettuce, guacamole) seemed very fresh. Was it good for Mexican food…yes. Did it seem very different than other Mexican restaurants…no.

They also have an outdoor sitting area which was nice and it is very conveniently located in downtown Georgetown…but parking is difficult as that place seems to be always packed. Give this place a try and tell me what you think! Am I missing something here?

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What’s so different about Christianity?

A few weeks ago, I was shopping for a minivan and had a choice between, a Honda Odyssey, Toyota Sienna and Nissan Quest. They all seemed so similar…and were rated top-notch when it came to safety. It seems as though they all had the same power door features, DVD and leather that we were looking for and the prices weren’t too much different either. I eventually settled on the van that I could get the best deal on…my 2005 Toyota Sienna XLE…tan, not gold.

After reading through my manual I found out that Toyota “recommends” premium fuel, but you can put a minimum of a 97 octane fuel (regular) in the van. I was about to fuel up at HEB for the first time when it came time to make a decision. Do I want to put premium fuel in this van? Do I want to be cheap and go regular? Will it make THAT much of a difference? I had to decide quick because it was hot outside, the engine was off…and I had the kids with me! I pulled down the windows and punched the button in the middle that read “99” for the mid-range fuel. That seemed like a fair compromise. I mean, what difference would it really make?

choices It seems like everyday we are faced with choices. Mine usually revolve around the orange traffic light. Do I gun it? Or do I apply the brakes? (gun it!) Are there really “right” choices and “best” choices out there? How do we know we’re making the best decisions in our life?

Is the same true of religion? Do all the differences in religion really matter as long as the people who follow them are doing “good?” If they are so similar, does it matter which one we follow?

If you’re interested in exploring these questions in an accepting, intellectually-honest and challenging environment, I want to invite you to meet an awesome group of young adults that meets every other week in Georgetown Village. We focus on caring for each other and exploring the truths that affect us in every day real life. That’s why we call it a Real Life Group.

We’ll meet at 7PM on Tuesday the 18th and every other Tuesday after that. Childcare is provided. Feel free to call me at 512-554-9594 for directions. Hope you’ll come and learn with us!


Investment Home in Georgetown, Texas

I’m doing what’s called a 1031 exchange.  The tax code allows you to take the proceeds of a sale and re-invest it to avoid taxation on the gain of your real estate investment.  Well, I just sold my commercial condo and need to identify a home by mid-October.

My goal is to purchase personal property in a variety a ways so I can best help my clients.  So far I’ve purchased:

1.  New from a builder

2.  From a lender through a short-sale

3.  From an owner through assuming an existing mortgage

4.  Currently conducting a 1031 exchange

Maybe my next purchase should be through some type of auction.  Ebay anyone?

Swim Update

20 laps in 30 minutes! I did it!
I went back to 24 hour fitness after a long break. I blame the vacation. I did 13 laps…and then I had this massive headache. The final 7 hurt. Maybe I over-did my workout. Any advice out there besides taking Advil?
Rumor has it that Georgetown, Texas might be the next recipient of a 24 hour fitness. That will cut my commute time in half! Please let it be! In the meanwhile, the Georgetown Rec Center is going through a major overhaul to include an indoor and outdoor pool among other things. Final renovations will be complete by end of next year.


Vacation to Bern, North Carolina

During the week of my birthday (August 19th), we flew down to Bern, North Carolina for the Annual Lui Family Reunion and stayed at a timeshare that my parents own. We got to see Edwin’s girlfriend, Candice, for the first time as well as our Grandmas from NY. Way to break her into the family bro, if she survived this, she’ll do well.
family vacation Birthday grandmas

We stayed in two separate suites with river views and got a chance to catch up on movies. It’s a tradition: My younger brother, Edwin, brings his xbox filled with movies and TV shows. Now I’m hooked on “The Office.” It was fun playing with all of the kids: Joshua and Chloe (mine) and Jonah and Josi (my sisters).

kids with ducks BBQ with mom and dad jennie and autumn
As usual, we had a meat-fest, since my mom likes to stock up on Costco and always, I mean always, over provides with food. It was like Man VS Food and we lost miserably every time. As leftovers piled up, we kept hoping the Grandmas would finish them off, but even with all their years of experience and my father’s expertly crafted dentures, they were soundly whipped.

Highlights of the trip: Aquarium was neat; spending time with family and letting my partner handle my real estate business.

Downside of trip: Tryon Palace Guided Tour- looking at other people’s homes is something I definitely wanted a vacation from; at least we got some cool pics from the garden and mom took some figs home

chloe and turtles figs aquarium
It was good to get away from Georgetown, Texas. Since we are having the baby in December, our next trip will hopefully be in the Lone Star State…and if not, we’re taking the minivan.

Available lot in Gabriels Overlook – $73,000 – SOLD

Overlook Lot

If you like the Gabriel’s Overlook neighborhood and my listing on 308 Oak Meadow is too much for the budget, here’s a lot that you can purchase and build a home that’s tailored to your budget and lifestyle. No time limit to build! Stunning hill country views, and a mini-forest of mature trees surrounds this 1+ acre lot to offer the next owner an unparalleled level of privacy.

My Minivan Experience

family and van tan van interior
I remember my infamous words to my wife, Autumn, just several months ago, “We don’t need to get a minivan, we only have TWO kids!” Well, our new baby daughter will be born in December of this year and I just spent the month of August shopping for a minivan. I jokingly tell her that she got pregnant “by accident” just so she could get a van.

I shopped the national market (ebay), the local market in Austin and Georgetown, Texas (craigslist) and even the very, very local market (my neighborhood website). A new Honda Odyssey or Toyota Sienna would have cost me a minimum of $30,000. My goal was to save $10,000 and buy a used one for no more than $20,000 with leather, DVD, and the cool remote control doors. I also posted “no gold color vans” as a requirement.

Well, a few days after my craigslist posting, Toby, from Champion Chevrolet in Austin, contacted me and told me he had a 2004 Toyota in stock. I took the family down to Austin and ended up test driving a 2005 model, because he couldn’t find the keys to the 2004. After I got back, I negotiated the price of the 2005 over the phone. It was the last day in August and the manager ended up selling me the 2005 Toyota with everything I wanted for $15,000 plus my 1999 Nissan Maxima as a trade in! I later found out that the 2004 model sold for more than I paid for the 2005 and had 30,000 miles more! Also, I got great value out of the Maxima because they already had a customer looking to buy one! Perfect timing!
God was definitely looking after us to get such a sweet deal! This van rocks and still has 3000 miles left on the warranty…and if anyone asks, the van isn’t gold…it’s tan:)


Gabriels Overlook in Georgetown, TX: 308 Oak Meadow – $750,000

Front oak meadow living 2.JPG oak meadow kitchen 2.JPG

Looking at homes in this price range can be overwhelming at times because there are so many choices. You can get a small, no-frills home in a high-end community, or buy a 10-acre estate out in the middle of nowhere to enjoy the sound of nothing but crickets. Well, luxury and privacy is nice, but having a sense of community is essential…Click here to view flier: Oak Meadow Flier Front.doc

pool oak meadow backyard.JPG oak meadow pool 2.JPG
court DSC_9482.JPG Flier Theatre Room.jpg
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