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Gabriel’s Overlook: March 2007 Sales Report

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Community information on Gabriel’s Overlook

Georgetown Village: March 2007 Sales Report

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Georgetown Village in Georgetown, Texas: 101 Rosebud lane – SOLD


Poster Child for the Neighborhood. Here’s a home that you can look at and feel good about. Welcome to 101 Rosebud Lane, situated on a Texas-sized corner lot with white-picket fence charm and a welcoming front porch…

Click here to view flier: 101 Rosebud Flier with pics.doc

Click here to see my most recent homes for sale in Georgetown, Texas!

Best Burger in Georgetown, TX

That's one huge burger! (This 6lb burger is definitely NOT the one I ate at BB’s)

My friend Mark and I went to lunch today and we were craving a burger, so naturally we went to BB’s Home Cooking.

The burgers are great, because the bread is just so yummy.  It’s buttery, sweet and kind of crunchy on the edges.  I wish they just sold some of that bread by itself and I would be perfectly happy with a meatless burger. 

My wife and I try to replicate our favorite eat-out dishes.  One day we took some good quality, freshly ground chuck, tenderly formed it into a patty and grilled it.  Then came the tricky part…the buns.  I tried to fry it up in some butter…added a bit of sugar and hoped for the best.  I was sure I had it right!  The meat was delicious…the bread, well it just wasn’t the same.  I’m thinking one day I’ll ask the owner how he makes the buns, until then, it’s BB’s for me.

Georgetown Village Multi-Use Development

logomixed use 2.jpg    architecture.jpg

Shops, Stores and Multi-Family units coming to a neighborhood near you! 

Imagine meeting your friends at a coffee shop that is located within your neighborhood…no streets to cross, no cars to start, and if you’re like me, by the time you get the kids buckled in that new-fangled 5 point seat belt, you might be already taking your first sip of coffee.  Is this a new way of life?  Well, not really.  Just a few days ago, my friend David and I were reminiscing about the “good ‘ole days” when you could ride your bike to a local store and buy candy without having to face major traffic.  Maybe a new way of life these days, but if you are a resident of Georgetown Village that will soon be a reality.  Not just stores, but maybe even restaurants and other conveniences that could increase the value of this neighborhood.  If you’re interested in giving your input to this future project, there is a meeting on Thursday, April 26th at 6:30PM at the Village Elementary Cafetorium.  If you’re interested in learning more about this neighborhood that I live in, call me or visit the developer’s website here:  Georgetown Village Website

So what do you think?  Can this help neighborhood home values?  Or could this turn into a disaster development where the only thing you see from your back window is a giant gas station? 

**UPDATE** Click on the “comment” link below this blog to read the details of the meeting

     Village map.jpg   town center    town center graphic

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